Erin Paige

Erin Paige

epicurean escort | pro submissive and domme

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I'm Erin.

Don't let my youth and innocence deceive you - I am a companion with a penchant for debauchery, and the corrupted sweetheart you've been looking for.

Born and raised in London, after a prestigious education I fell in love with cooking and with this world of new connections and uninhibited fun. And so I do both for a living (sometimes at the same time!) - and I particularly love to meet those who appreciate fine food and wine as much as I do.

With perfect curves, pale, soft skin that turns crimson at every blush or spank, long and silky naturally blonde hair, and full red lips, I am an English rose at heart. I am full of affection, playfulness, and warmth, and an unending curiosity for new people, new cities, and new kinks.

I adore both urgent and rough encounters, and slow, passionate dates. For me, it is the heart pounding moments of flirtation, the build up, and the laughter that matter just as much as anything else. And although I love BDSM and always have, I think there can be just as much depth of flavour in vanilla.

This is my invitation to enjoy a little taste of me. If you'd like to get acquainted I can't wait to hear what you have in mind...

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In brief

Based in  |  London
Age  |  Early twenties
Nationality  |  British
Sexuality  |  Bisexual
Hair  |  Long, naturally blonde
Eyes  |  Blue
Piercings  |  Ears
Tattoos  |  None
Down below  |  Trimmed
Height  |   5'10"  |  178cm
Measurements  |  natural 32G/34F - 30 - 40
Dress size  |  UK 12  |  EU 40  |  US 8
Shoe size |  UK 9  |  EU 42  |  US 11



I've always, always been kinky. The shiver that I get down my spine at having my hair roughly grasped and pulled hard, at being placed into restraints, at the sting of a slap to my cheek, is a feeling I find hard to describe. And although at first glance I may seem innocent, I have an insatiable love for everything 'PSE'.

Equally, as a domme I love the giddy rush of being in total control. Of teasing to torturous levels, and of watching skin turn red. Add stilettos to my impossibly long legs and I am extremely happy to be worshipped and obeyed.

I've been told I have a filthy mind- and for me, much of the appeal of kink is psychological. Even if you've never so much as touched a flogger, as long as the facets of control or the world of filth interest you, we will definitely get along.

I don't publish a list here of services that I do and don't do. As an experienced and enthusiastic submissive before I became a companion, there's very little that is off the table completely for me and I am confident speaking up when a limit is reached. Generally I'm happiest making decisions on the basis of specific scenarios so if you're in doubt, don't hesitate to get in touch with what you'd like to get up to. For some activities, I may require a reference, a particular venue or other safety measures.