Booking & cancellation policy

Put simply, I wouldn't be able to do this if I didn't take privacy, data security and my own safety to be of the utmost importance. My policy is to take all necessary measures to keep our communication secure and to maintain discretion. Any personal details are shared with no one but myself and never stored after we've met.

After we've been introduced and agreed a time to meet, I always ask that we have a brief chat on the phone to get to know each other, plan our time a little and organise a deposit.

If we haven't met before, you will need to provide a 20% deposit to secure our meeting time. This can be done anonymously via an online bank transfer, purchase of various e-vouchers, or Bitcoin. If you'd like to avoid a paper trail, you can deposit cash directly to me at a bank or purchase certain vouchers with cash. Please do not send a deposit until we've arranged how it will be sent.

Once I've received your deposit, I will hold it until we meet. If you need to cancel for any reason within 48 hours of the scheduled time, your deposit will not be refunded. If you'd like to reschedule within a month, your deposit can go towards a new booking. In the unlikely event of me having to cancel, your deposit will of course be fully refunded.

I may require an additional (non refundable) deposit if you'd like me to book us a hotel room, purchase something for us, or travel outside of central London.

While I do not require references for every booking, priority will always be given to clients that offer them.